Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Topping Off" my Bedroom

I bought my fabric for my "spring top" last week. However, in place of sewing it, I made a blackout curtain for my bedroom instead. I've successfully slept in my bedroom for over two years, but recently the security light beaming through the window over my bed started keeping me up at night. Neither wearing an airplane eye cover nor pulling my sheets over my head helped me get to sleep. Thus, I decided that I must block the light source.

I found blackout fabric at the fabric store and could hardly wait test its capabilities. Since I didn't want to cover my wood blinds with a curtain, I purchased a pocket curtain rod that fit inside the window casing and sewed a straight curtain that is just a bit bigger than my window so it can reach all the edges.

After installing my curtain last night, I was excited to jump in bed and assess its effectiveness. I'm happy to report that my room was dark for the first time ever and I was asleep in minutes. Oh joy!

Maybe I'll work on my "spring top" as my unfinished project this week.

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