Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celebration Creation

Last weekend I went on my first camping trip of the summer. In honor of that celebration and to make it easier and faster to go on other camping trips in the future, I created a camping kit. The camping kit is a large tote that houses most things you need on a camping trip so you don't have to round them all up every time you want to head out on an outdoor adventure.

The kit contents include:
-paper products for meals
-a bottle of watered down dish detergent for hand washing
-a container of cooking utinsels (like spatulas, a wire whisk, etc.)
-an assortment of plastic bags (all sizes and varieties)
-hot pads
-dish towels
-toilet paper
-a tablecloth
-salt and pepper shakers
-durable plastic glasses and utinsels for eating (so they can be washed and reused)

Eventually, I want to add several other things to my kit like:
-string for a clothes line
-newspaper for starting fires

Now that I'm ready for camping, I hope that the outdoor overnight excursions continue through the rest of the summer!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

#17 Celebrate

Today is a very exciting time in my life.
I am on a wonderful adventure and will never
go through this particular experience again.

As it is my 2nd wedding anniversary this week, I'm in a celebratory mood. So this short weeks challenge (sorry for the late post) is to create something for a celebration. Be it food, cards, crafts or whatever you dream up. Photos and post on monday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

#16 New Friend?

I'm not sure if I would qualify Tom as a "new friend" but it was an interesting evening.

I was out watering my front yard when Tom walked up. He was obviously 'tripping' on something but jovial enough. He proceeded to walk up and down our block talking with me and pulling weeds from my neighbors yards. At one point he even watered my neighbors plants. He was super chatty until he noticed Cary sitting on the front porch. Embarrassed he asked if that was my husband. When I responded "yes" he left to garden elsewhere.


My "try something new" turned into a much longer project then expected. I made a pair of jeans. They turned out great and I would love to show you BUT our camera is not working. So, you will have to wait until it is fixed. For now I'm just happy to be finished with the challenge from June 25th. Whew!

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Friend Jana

Jana Chapman is a summer intern in our offices. Last week I took Jana to lunch and made a new friend out of her.

Three things I learned about Jana:
1. She grew up in Virginia
2. She thinks deeply
3. She has been the recipient of unexpected miracles

One thing Jana and I have in common:
1. We both love learning and designing instructional materials

Monday, July 13, 2009

Challenge #16 - Make a New Friend

This week, make a new friend by talking to someone you don't know (or know by name only) at your office, in your neighborhood, or when you're out and about. Learn at least three things about them and find one thing you have in common. Document your experience by next Monday.

A New Connection Point

During the last week I, with the input of a cousin, created a family blog for the extended Allen family. Our goal is to keep better connected and to strengthen our somewhat waning relationships as we continue to spread out around the country. Happily, "Proud to Be Allen" is off to a great start!