Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celebration Creation

Last weekend I went on my first camping trip of the summer. In honor of that celebration and to make it easier and faster to go on other camping trips in the future, I created a camping kit. The camping kit is a large tote that houses most things you need on a camping trip so you don't have to round them all up every time you want to head out on an outdoor adventure.

The kit contents include:
-paper products for meals
-a bottle of watered down dish detergent for hand washing
-a container of cooking utinsels (like spatulas, a wire whisk, etc.)
-an assortment of plastic bags (all sizes and varieties)
-hot pads
-dish towels
-toilet paper
-a tablecloth
-salt and pepper shakers
-durable plastic glasses and utinsels for eating (so they can be washed and reused)

Eventually, I want to add several other things to my kit like:
-string for a clothes line
-newspaper for starting fires

Now that I'm ready for camping, I hope that the outdoor overnight excursions continue through the rest of the summer!

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