Monday, March 23, 2009

Julie's New & Old Experience

My original new experience was dinner at Arada Ethiopian Restaurant on Santa Fe Street in Denver. I went with my friend Jenny who was wearing mysterious sunglasses as her eyes were dilated from an eye exam. I was taking lots of notes, I can only imagine who or what the wait staff thought we were. The vegetarian combination plate was great, I would recommend it. I also plan on eating there again. But, this new experience was not where I found my inspiration this week.

My inspiration this week came from a walk with my one year old son Keenan. Keenan is new to walking just a few weeks and very excited about it. He wants to walk everywhere especially outside. So, Sunday morning he took my finger and lead me slowly around our block. I have walked this block hundreds or times. The new experience was doing so at one year old speed. It was delightful!

Keenan helped me see details that I have never noticed before. The rock mulch in my neighbors parking strip IS very pretty and it IS hard to choose which rock you want to carry until you find something cooler. The apartment building on the corner has colored sprinkler heads, you should touch each color just to make sure they feel the same, on that same note you should touch everything and try every set of stairs you pass. Something about climbing a strangers steps with a one year old made it feel ok and not wierd. By climbing these steps we found a magnolia tree in bloom and no one seems to have missed the one blossom we picked to carry with us, stopping to smell it every so often. In the end tucking it behind my ear.

The ideas I came away with:

1. Touch everything, you will be surprised by the textures you find. Make rubbings of these textures for future projects like note cards. How could you transfer some of these textures to fabric?

2. Open your eyes to inspiration in the everyday. That night after rinsing henna from my hair I found this pattern in the bath tub. Normally I would have shrugged at the mess and cleaned the tub. That day I hurried for my camera to capture the image. Tree? Watershed?

3. Color, what differences does color make in something. Before you start your next project, consider a couple of different color schemes.

Looking forward to my next exploration in my neighborhood with Keenan!

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