Monday, May 11, 2009

Acts of Kindness Report

As I completed the good deed challenge this past week, I learned that one of my best creative gifts and/or talents is to assemble or orchestrate the coming together of things. This is evident in the three "acts of kindness" I have chosen to report on.

1. When I learned that my parents were coming home and would be staying at my Grandma's house for a few weeks, I decided to assemble a food basket with their favorite edible items so things they like to eat would be readily available to them. It was fun to shop for and arrange all the items in the basket.

2. I bought and assembled a bouquet of flowers for my mom for Mother's Day. Arranging the flowers so the colors, textures, and sizes worked well together was fairly intriguing.

3. I took my sister-in-law's and mother's wedding rings into the jeweler to have their crowns replaced and to be cleaned for my dad and brother this past week. When I got the rings back, I wanted them to be wrapped beautiful without expending any money, so I used the plastic wrap and ribbon from the flower packaging I had purchased earlier as wrapping paper and the bow.

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