Sunday, May 24, 2009

#10 Unique Jewlery Piece by Julie

For my unique Jewlery piece I choose to try making a fabric cuff. I used the instruction from Anna Marie Horners book 'Seams to Me'. These were really fun to make and came together quickly. I'm thinking they would make great gifts.

I used fabric left over from a quilt lining. I loved the fabric and was a little disappointed I was only using it for a quilt backing. This gave me a chance to have something that would display and highlight this fabric.
I made both a plain and ruffled version

The button loops as explained in the book, work fantastic and are very easy to make. These were a new skill for me.

I personally like the non-ruffle version for this print, although I did love that the buttons had a checked texture to match the ruffle.

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