Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A day late and a dollar short - Julies' #4

Steph and I are following similar travels this month as last week took me and my family to Washington DC for a wedding. As I would not be home to create a fabulous spring table display. I improvised.

The wedding had fabulous spring table displays. So I used materials I could 'freely access' and drew a picture of their spring table center pieces. I borrowed a pen from the grooms uncle and took apart the wedding program to find a blank piece of paper.

The centerpiece consisted of: a metal bucket filled with branches bursting with cherry blossoms, a second metal bucket filled with pink standard tulips, a small square glass vase with white parrot tulips and three votive candles in small glasses with a middle eastern pattern. All of this was sitting on a square mirror. Simple, elegant and stunning!

Sorry for the delayed post, we were en-route home. Arriving in Denver at 11:35 pm. Because I love the idea of the spring centerpiece, Keenan and I will be creating one this week at home, we will post photos as soon as it is completed!

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