Monday, April 13, 2009

#5 - Old memories

Memories of my sister making and modeling this jacket for 'Make it Yourself with Wool' the nemesis of my youth and the genius of my sewing skill.

Memories of college working as a tailor for the department store Z.C.M.I. I loved many things about that job. The repetition of mens clothing alterations that left much time to think and the challenge of women's clothing. Figuring out how to alter each and every garment.

My biggest challenge on this update was figuring out how to embelish the jacket. My original flower design once cut out was way to large for the jacket. This idea was hatched when looking at a pattern on a dish towel.

I wasn't up for modeling after a tough day with a teething toddler, I'll post photos the first chance I get to wear it.

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