Sunday, February 21, 2010

#25 - A Compassionate Heart

During my growing-up years, my father always purchased a bouquet of flowers for my mom on Valentine's Day and a smaller bouquet for each of his daughters.

Last weekend when I was at my brother's home, I learned that he now does the same thing for his wife and daughters. During the first few minutes of my visit Abbey, age 10, took me to her room to show me her bouquet. I told her how lovely it was and how lucky she was to have a dad who loves her so much.

Later in my visit, Abbey came and presented me with one of the flowers from her bouquet. She had realized that I didn't have anyone to give me a bouquet of flowers and didn't want me to feel left out. I was deeply touched by the empathy that this young girl felt and by her very kind act. My lone Valentine's flower means a great deal to me because it was given by one with a very compassionate heart.

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