Tuesday, February 9, 2010

#24 Do I dare?

This weeks challenge was a brain bender. What parts of my life do I love, what do I dream would be added or different, where am I sleep walking through life? I thought and thought, made lists, surfed online. Then narrowed it down to a few 'action items' for lack of a better term.

The life I dream of is a life with spirit. It's creative, open, warm, grounded, fun and flows.

Three areas kept coming up in my musing: Keenan and/or parenting, Cary and/or relationships and spirituality. oh, and food, sounds weird but it's important for me.

- Tuesday art projects for me and Keenan (see photo above from today's first art day!)
- Mindful food preparation with blessing (As I prepare this life force for those I love...)
- Gratitude sharing before family dinner
- Saturday night date night with Cary (can just be time spent together after Keenan goes to bed, as we can't afford a babysitter every week)
- Creating a home that better embraces our life, tastes and talents. Starting with decorating, cleansing and organization.

In the scope of the quote for this week, my lists seems small and not very daring. I'm trying to remember that small change adds up!

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