Friday, October 16, 2009

#22 Old to New

Until recently I stored all my craft and sewing supplies in a couple of plastic storage containers. My 1 1/2 year old son soon discovered how to open these and find all sorts or fun treasures to play with (scissors, pins, razor blades, small objects just the size for chocking). I needed a way to lock my supplies.

I looked around the house and found an un-used filing cabinet with locking drawers. I then went to thrift stores and purchased all sorts of containers to hold my supplies inside of the cabinet drawers.

The locking filing cabinet

An old suitcase and picnic basket for pattern storage

All sorts of kitchen tins and baskets to organize my supplies

My favorite is the copper cake mold for buttons, this one my son gets to play with and loves.

One helpful tip: remember to write down the measurements of the drawers you are trying to organize and bring your tape measure to the thrift store. I measured out a mock drawer in the store and set the items I was thinking of buying in that space to make sure it worked.

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