Monday, August 24, 2009

#19 crazy hard to do

1. What is the first creative moment you remember?

I can think of many, not sure which was the first. Making a wooden shelf for my collection of plastic animals, playing with my mom’s sewing supplies, painting a picture of cats for my mom, rearranging my bedroom furniture.

2. Was anyone there to witness or appreciate it?

My parents

3. What is the best idea you've ever had?

To come back to life after my divorce

4. What made it great in your mind?

I found myself again

5. What is the dumbest idea?

To live for someone else

6. What made it stupid?

I lost years

7. Can you connect the dots that led you to this idea?

It was slow and subtle changes, not taking time to evaluate or take care of myself

8. What is your creative ambition?

To break through my creative blocks around rules and structure. To live the creative life I visualize for myself

9. What are the obstacles to this ambition?

Habits, Fears, Other commitments

10. What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?

Accepting imperfection, spending more time creating, setting goals, visualizing, changing habits

11. How do you begin your day?

Nurse my son, throw on clothes, make breakfast for my son and myself, feed the cats, pack up for the day, leave for work

12. What are your habits? What patterns do you repeat?

Personal care routine, putting my son to sleep by singing (same songs, same order), Process for designing landscapes always the same (site visit, photos, layout, site visit, planting, revisions), when creating my habit is to clean the space first, then be super messy creating, leave the mess for later.

13. Describe your first successful creative act?

‘Make it yourself with wool’ competition

14. Describe your second successful creative act?

Growing a strawberry garden

15. Compare them.

Both were systematic, both included help from my mother, both I was fiercely proud of

16. What are your attitudes toward: money, power, praise, rivals, work, play?

Money: Don’t care, wish it didn’t exist

Power: I like to be in control of myself and situations

Praise: thrive on it, work for it

Rivals: try to make them friends, jealousy, ignore

Work: don’t mind hard work if I enjoy or believe in what I’m doing. Work harder on projects for other people then for myself

Play: Big priority, important part of my life and beliefs

17. Which artist do you admire most?

Matisse, T.S. Eliot, Wolfgang Oehme & James Van Sweden

18. Why are they your role models?

Vision, breaking rules, use of color, understanding of texture

19. What do you and your role models have in common?

Vision, style

20. Does anyone in your life regularly inspire you?

Tonja, Wendy, Steph, Patty, Keenan, Lisa Marie,

21. Who is your muse?

Always changing

22. Define muse.

Someone/something who/that gets me thinking and prompts me to act

23. When confronted with superior intelligence or talent, how do you respond?

I’m confronted. I feel jealous and try to prove to them that I am just as intelligent or talented.

24. When faced with stupidity, hostility, intransigence, laziness, or indifference in others, how do you respond?

Usually complain to someone else about it. It makes me irritated and sad.

25. When faced with impending success or the threat of failure, how do you respond?

I push through to succeed

26. When you work, do you love the process or result?

Process, this is why I never make things more than once, I’m bored once I figure it out

27. At what moments do you feel your reach exceeds your grasp?

Time always creates these moments for me. I usually have too many projects for the amount of time available and usually procrastinate until the last minute.

28. What is your ideal creative activity?

I think I have a few: teaching, sewing, systemizing, design

29. What is your greatest fear?

I won’t live the life I want to.

30. What is the likelihood of your above answer happening?

Not sure

31. Which of your answers would you most like to change?


32. What is your idea of mastery?

Having enough skill to teach others, but knowing you’ve only scratched the surface and need to continually keep learning, trying, exploring

33. What is your greatest dream?

To feel complete and at ease with myself and life.

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